Pereira After Rada - Part II of Dialogues on the Nature if People and Mannequins, Symmetries and the Creative Self(ves)

The Rada Photograph begins a Dialogue on Symmetry(s).

Artist Rada - Self-Portrait (Left/Right)
People and Mannequins Show/Performance
Bulgarian Embassy, New York 4/2012 this context with the
addition of her magical attendant Performance/non Performance.

(which I describe in the Previous Blog - Part I on Rada's People and Mannequins) at the Bulgarian Consulate in April here in Manhattan - where after touring a small room of her Photographs.)

You were asked to meet the Artist in the room but Speak not a Word. After a Minute you would be given a Sign and Leave. That Was it.

Entering the Large Bare Room I spied a small table at its center, the Artist in Colorful Shawls sitting stoically with her Back to you - an Empty Chair facing her.

On the small table you caught a glimpse of an open Book with a Pen.

You could do wanted. All degrees of Freedom to do or not to do were there.

I decided to go and sit in Front of the Artist.

She stared out silently with a pleasant Cheshire Cat Grin saying nothing.

I began by looking unfocused about the room, then about seeing her Pretty as Mannequin Figure, her penetrating and kind Eyes, the placement of her hands, her Cell Phone on the Table Corner and such an so on... and then I looked down to the open Book where People had scribble various Comments or Scribbles and still other Doodles.

I Picked up the Pen.
I Drew a Position Circle.
A median line through the Circle on the Square Table

...then the Relation with simple letters of our Lefts and Right relation (Chiral Symmetry) about the Circle and by virtue of the Square table being somewhat like a flattened Room - the Room itself.
Her Cell Phone went off! suddenly! - and that was the Minute Signal to get up and Go!

The Experience Led me to Some Creative Thoughts on What had Happened and These are some of the Visual/Aesthetic/Mathematically Elegant Dialogues being Pursued...on Symmetries

Like the Light and the Dark Scales. Top and Bottom. The Side to Side Chiral Translations from Right to Left. Rotational Symmetries about a point...
Staying with the Photograph...
We are Observer and Object/Subject Self at some perpendicular distance as the rescaled 2-Dimensional Twin of the 3-Dimensional subject/object a Semi-Circle Away from Ourself.
in this case the lovely Person of Rada and her Headless Mannequin I nicknamed Alice.
The symmetry of Left and Right begins with the Very Face of the Figure which itself is reflection - a vertical genetic mirror image mapped across the vertical mirror axis.

Artist Rada - Right Left Self-Portrait
People and Mannequins Show/Performance
Bulgarian Embassy, New York 4/2012

Her Left and Right are Chiral Symmetric Properties that are preserved in Rotation about the Perpendicular axis as distance as the Component distance - the Longing Stretch of Road between Object and Observer.
That Enigmatic Imaginary Person in the Mirror...or is is the other way Around.
That She cannot inhabit that Other Self's Space serves to reminds us that the two shall never occupy the same same at the same time in the Relativistic Dimensions...
but curiously in the Quantum Realm they are annihilating that distance all the time many times in the Creation of new Realities.

Pereira after Rada - Self-Reflecting RADA 2012
Artist RADA with Self-Portrait(s)-

The Observer's Eyes see her upside-down, then Brain 'rights' the image down-upsided to regain Compose. In-between, the Self-Reflection she holds has reversed its Left and Right trading light and dark aspects of her Mask. It makes for an Introspective Introspection. An Echo.

Pereira after Rada - Self-Self-Reflecting Rada
Artist Rada with Alternating Chiral Self-Portrait(s)

Pereira after Rada - Rada Tries to Reach Behind Her Self-Image

If we could sneak behind our Mirror Self we would front to back find our Chiral L and Rs Land L and R and R, but again...

Pereira after Rada -
Rada Tries to Reach Behind Her Self-Image...
...we would find one's self out of touch with our self
back to back to face...
with Open Arms
we would be facing No One

To face ourself again we have to rotate 180 degrees about ourselves and coming Full Circle face to face with ourself ..
reclaiming the Chiral LR identity opposite RL Reading that seperate these two Universes of our Selves.

There is Something Elegiac, even Tragic about this Opposites-Attract but can Never Become Whole Paradox.
People and their Reflections and their Mannequin Selves.
One sometimes seeking the Form of one or the Substance of the other.
To be made Whole.

In Spirit.

Here Are Few More of My Art & Studies on this Minute Of Magical Symmetry(s)


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