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L'Art D'Ecouter - Gouache and Watercolor Album Cd Cover with Polygram Records circa 1993

Images Upon Reflection - Lady Arborea and the Dreamer

Images Upon - Wrapped Attention to Detail from New York to Australia...Liberty and the SurReal Spoils of War...and the Children Played

Images Upon Reflection - Draw-Wings and ParAdox...Collapsed Volume made Wholeheartedly as Matter made Mindful

Images Upon Reflection - A Painter's Sculptural Tales

Images Upon Reflection - Goldfish and Trees of Life

Images Upon Reflection - Cats Goldfish

Images Upon Reflection

SOUNDS OF SILENCE with Paul Simon at 9/11 Memorial...Ground Zero...Eternal

Meeting Sargent at MET with Gossamer Winged Brush that Drew and Painted at Once

Rooftop MET Garden Portraits and Views of Manhattan with Floating Rock