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World Aids Day 2012 - My Mixed-Media Reflections in Drawing and Painting

Mona Lisa, Zelda, Dopplegangers Smile, Eyes and Mind

CURIOSITY's Landing Site on MARS - The Geometry of Cylinders, Circles and Spheres Land Intact - Cautionary Tale for What Else we Land Afar

Funny Face in the Clouds Over Yorkville - Associative Magic and a Dragonfly

A Tribute to Sylvia Woods - Soul and Soul Food - Harlem's Grande Damme - Oil Paintings from The Harlem Suite from Then and Now by Peter G Pereira

Pereira-Pythagorean Spatial Geometries - Drawings and Animation

Rada at Recoup Lounge and Michael Ricardo Andreev at Verbrunt Gallery New York

Figments Arts Festival - Governor's Island Summer 2012 - Trees of Life in Photographs