Elie Wiesel...Portrait and Thoughts on meeting the Man

I had the fortune and honor of meeting Elie Wiesel at a talk he gave at the 92Y here in New York some years back on the Holocaust and the implications of popular media on perpetuating stereotypes that led or could lead to very grave actions...as in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ which had just come out at the time.
He was forthright and severe and insightful and modest at once.
More than a cautionary tale, history lesson or meeting of minds, it was the meeting of Souls that most impressed me.
 I was a fellow Soulmate and Witness on this complex and uneven journey, with one to one correspondence to the journeys of those who had come before.
Witness to Truth and Deceptions.

I was reminded me of a paraphrase I pulled from the works of the great painter Delacroix concerned at first with Painting then more paradoxical Real Life Narratives: That which Lies to tell the Truth and that which tells the Truth to Lie.
Which to Trust.

Good Journeys Elie.


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