David Bowies Double Rainbow and the Yellow Umbrella...a Journeys from Blackstar through Death to a new Dawn...Golden Years for the Starman

Late afternoon Sunday as I walked out onto York Avenue a dark cloud over the city continued to shed heavy rains that had persisted all night Saturday...a sudden powerful gust of wind as if from the Wizard of Oz lifted and separated the clouds and to the North and South clear blues skies were in evidence. 
I looked South to Bowie's Puck Building residence and reflecting on his new album Blackstar wished him happy birthday and God's Soul Love.
A girl in black whom I recognized from the neighborhood with a beautiful Canary Yellow Umbrella came up the street and stood next to me in front of the 7/11 unsuccessfully trying to close the umbrella.

I had been recording the clouds the blues and her vagabonding yellow umbrella in hopes of glimpsing what seemed a certain imminent Rainbow.
I helped her with collapsing the umbrella.
The closest I came to capturing the umbrella was a young boy with his own Technicolor Umbrella dragging down the street!
Patience, impatience, sorrow and unexpected irony...David Bowie dies...

Today's Daily News: Reveal a picture of a double Rainbow over Manhattan.
David's Rainbow


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