The Passing of a Great Artist, Mentor and lifelong Friend...Julie Wilson

I first met Julie after high school in Omaha.
Holt, her gifted son and I, a classmate a year  behind me at Creighton Prep had become close friends and Michael of course was around and all in all they were the coolest and greatest folk I had ever met. In the arts and in love with artists, Julie was encouraging from the start lauding my talents as a painter and artist on her album and made me feel part of the family. She treated Holt and I to a whirlwind tour of Europe. It was magic to be in her presence. I was awed by the person that was her voice  from the very first time I heard her sing and the shock of American Cleopatran beauty way back then and stayed a lifelong fan.
I caught up with her work and  cabaret artistry here in New York and was privileged to enjoy her songs many times at the St. Regis or the Algonquin or the Carlyle but my favorite times were catching her at home or with friends.
To hear her laughter!
There is much to say and so many great memories spanning 30 plus years all of which I cherish. We were able to speak in the last several years and talk through many issues that had plagued me and she was able to forgive my trespasses and taught me to forgive myself as well and on from tragedy and back into a groove.
Intellect and imagination may be facile gifts but emotion is damned hard work and the greatest gift of all is love. Try that one  on for size.
Julie did for all her family, friends and fellow artists as a grounded person, a muse, a mentor and transcendent inspiration.
We spoke just a few weeks back and we wished each other well and looked forward to seeing a mutual friend (Holt) in his upcoming films.
I heard her laugh for the last time.

She was a loving mom to marvelous sons.

Thank you Julie.
What sweet sorrow to have lost you.
What perfect joy to remember you.
Condolences dear Holt.


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