Balzac and the Age of Innocence at Kill Your TV Group at Logos August Bookclub

A full house full of wit, insight and sidelong humor on this epic novel post Napoleonic  Parisian city life of the 1800 s by the protean Realist Balzac.
As many were drawn from small provinces and small villages to the intoxicating Big City Lights of Paris they find, as Lucien does of life, schisms and disillusionment between the Poetry of the imagined and dreamed vs the Reality of the one lived...
quote unquote: we're not in - Ain't in Kansas anymore!
...n'est plus Kansas!
There was no place like home.

The comic book reality is sometimes the only one we can hope for as bittersweet comic-heroically matures our tastes of gain and sorrow and destiny for foods material and spiritual to fill out our oftimes soulhollow frames of wish and wonder.



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