A Brief Retrospective of my Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation on Governors Island in preparation for June 7th and 8th 2014 with Figment Arts Festival - Various Studies

Pink Enigma Tree Wrap Sculptures and Paradox Box -
Governor's Island 2013
One of my Mirror (Selfie) Trees Wrap Sculptures - 2013

Some of my Trees of Life Sculpture and Multimedia Installation on Governor's Island...artworks from years past with Figment in preparation for 2014...
This being my 6th curated year on Governor's Island  I plan to devote the next series of blog exploring the facets of this fascinating interactive series and  to study its  impact  and evolution(s) over these years here and abroad on nature, the arts and the many thousands of  people who have been part of the Installation.

See: www.petergpereiratreesoflife.com

Peter's Paradox Box  Multimedia Performances for Haitian Earthquake Relief 2010 - Saloon Stage New York
Study for Adam and Eve - Oil on Canvas circa 2000 and
one of my 16 Trees of Life Interactive Multimedia Sculptures - Blue Enigma with Chaplin Cane Governor's Island with Figment 2013

The Lovers circa 2000 - Oil on canvas 14" x 24" - Peter G Pereira
 ...and the inclusion of a front page Article on my very early performance and multimedia shows with wrap sculptures called the Peter's Paradox Box in the Montreal Gazette from the early 90's. 

The Artist Studio for painting and sculpture and music and his muses brought out  onto Paradox Box Stages.
The canvas taken off it stretchers and become  painting in the round surface.

One can discern my Dancers/Sculptures as translations of 2-dimensional surfaces (my Collapsed-Volume Skins) into 3-dimensional or vice-versa...my Collapsed-Volume Skins reconstituted into stretched Surfaces, and with the tip of my brush the point of origin at Infinity where the flow imagination and reality meet and part as the ebb and flow of Waves.

My Wrap Sculptures late 80's and 90s

Enigma Wrap Sculpture 2000-10s
Paradox Box Dancer/Sculpture - Governor's Island  2013

Also the invitation of Evolution F, the off-Broadway multimedia Surreal Opera and Spectacle which I co-wrote with the magnificent Laurie Fierstein, as Multimedia and Artistic Director (including animation film)   and Musical Composer (Paradox Box the Music).

The Peter G Pereira Trees of Life Series derived from these many earlier and contemporary works with Nature as palette with repertoire of light and shadow, grass, buildings, perspective and sky, Trees as 3-dimensional support for canvas and sculpture at once and Acreage for Installation, while People no longer as audience and observers but as participants and interactive elements of the vivid and original whole and fluid composition's whole.

Early Rectangle Array - Pereira Wrap Sculptures - Governor's Island circa 2009

Some early interactive fans circa 2008-09 - Waves Painting Sculpture Tree on Governor's Island with Figment - Peter G Pereira
Peter G Pereira Wrap  Sculptures - Governor's Island circa 2010

Governor's Island circa 2010-11

Studies for Mirror Trees - 2012

Wrap-app Caterpillar Tree 2012
Blue and Wave Hexagonal Skin Wrap-app Studies for Trees of  Governor's Island 2013-13

Wrap-app Studies for  (American Elm) Trees of  Governor's Island 2013-13
I have been working with the wonderful interactive opportunities of uniting phone and app to expand the potential range of Surfaces from trees wrap to various sites I am creating with educational, animation, film, portrait themes among others. 

Here is a Beautiful Interlude with my Trees of Life Other Places International

Trees of Life Wrap Sculptures - Carl Schurz Park New York 2013/14

I and Trees of Life Carl Shurz Park New York 2013/14

Philadelphia's Clark Park Trees of Life Wrap Sculpture Installation 2013 with Figment

Trees of Life Wrap Sculpture Installation  Boston New Years Eve 2013-14
Shadow Play - Trees of Life Installation  Boston New Years Eve 2013-14

Peter G Pereira Trees of Life Selection  Before and After- Geelong Australia 2014

Trees of Life Nolan Park 2013 - Blue Enigma Cartoon

This Year on Governor's Island I will be wrapping the largest selection of trees and the greatest variety of interactive sculpture elements on two sites of Governor's  Island with the fabulous Figments Arts Festival and the creative teams of artist which will contribute their works to the overall Magic and Mayhem of this great Event in June.
 I will over the next few weeks go into various aspects  and insights of the Installation process for the Trees of Life.



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