Mona Lisa, Zelda, Dopplegangers Smile, Eyes and Mind

Double Portrait Karina/Mona Lisa after DaVinci
by Peter G Pereira 2020-12

That everyone has a twin. It said...The Mona Lisa had one in my Zany Giaconda Karina.

Trying to do another portrait recently of my Kay I was frustrated by the poses she imposed upon my Mind's camera eye.

I imagined DaVinci trying to calm Mona as he did the preparatory Cartoon for the Painting with a room full of Clowns and Musicians and Poets depending on the flight trajectory of her Mood.

To tame her her various improvised add-libs and myriad smiles with flashing teeth and rolling eyes much too soon for the Romantics Age - and too far-fetched for Expressionism...To finally settle it all on ONE simple and subtle smile expressing all those things which Might have been but with the elegance of simple restraint only suggest what Could yet Be...Ever Present in ONE Smile and so Eternal.


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