A Tribute to Sylvia Woods - Soul and Soul Food - Harlem's Grande Damme - Oil Paintings from The Harlem Suite from Then and Now by Peter G Pereira

Sylvia Remembered

President Clinton had opened up his Post- Presidential office in Harlem when I created and opened up the Pear Tree Studio down the block from me so to speak. ..He on 125th whilst while I rebelled and roused on 108th Street - Spanish Harlem circa 2000.
Harlem was home and made sure and went out of its way to make me feel at Home. Harlem will always be a home away from home with a thousand wonderful characters to whom I shall always be connected in Spirit as Family.
One of those special Souls was Sylvia.

Visiting her restaurant was a pilgrimage of sorts much like rubbing the Magic Tree of Hope (Rubbing Stump) Stump at the Apollo Theater.

Tree of Life (Rubbing Stump)
Harlem New York 1931

Trees of Hope Sculpture Instalation
Goversnor's Island New York 2012
Peter G Pereira

 You could Have your Soul and Eat your Heart out at Sylvia's...

She greeted Kay, me and company as Favored Guests when first you came to her sunny Retaurant knowing you were new to the neighborhood (if you hadn't yet come to visit) and greeted you as Family when you returned.
I produced some very special run of artworks in Painting and Sculpture and Music collectively entitled the Harlem Suites during my Years there.
We all survived 9/11 together and learned how important it was to be part of a Greater Whole.
Though life had each brought us vicissitudes that seemed at time over-daunting...it was together that we would find a Peace of Mind Heart and Spirit - Together.
Goodness Bless to Dear Harlem and Dearest Mother Sylvia.

Here Some of my Oil Paintings From the Harlem Suites (1998-2003) from that Time and Reflections Now.

Portrait of Harlem Girl (Sylvia)
Oil on Canvas 24" x 36" - 2000
by Peter G Pereira

Harlem Girl(s) (Revisited) - 2000-12
Digital Painting 2012
by Peter G Pereira

Soul Kin - Soul Skin
Digital Painting from Harlem Girl(s) 2001-12
by Peter G Pereira

Harlem Nubian Nude (Round the Corner0 2001
Oil on Canvas 24" x 36"
by Peter G Pereira

Spanish Harlem CATO  2000-01
Oil on Canvas 24" x 36"
by Peter G Pereira

Street Corner Hip-Hop Dancer 1999
Oil on Canvas 14" x 20"
by Peter G Pereira

Allegory of Harlem Meer
oil on canvas 18" x 24"
by Peter G Pereira

Seated Lovers  - Harlem Meer 2002
Oil on Canvas 24" x 36"
by Peter G Pereira

...Much Soul Full Food for Thoight followed for me in more Painting, Sculptures and Music  - The Harlem Suite(s) - for another time...
a Flavor for Now of the Link of Souls Old and Brand Brew in Tribute to Sylvia and her Spirit...now a Travelling.

Travelling Soul(s) I and II
Digital Paintings 2001-12
by Peter G Pereira

Good and Eternal Journeys Dear Sylvia
A Pleasure to have Met You
and Tasted From Your Soulful Kitchen



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