Danny and Rosy Duet at Gizzi's in the West Village...and the Art of Acoustic Landscapes

A Charming Spring Night.
Not too long ago 
I was invited to Gizzie's.

Gizzi's Shadow-Marbled Interiors

I've known Danny a while now through his Mother and Shared Friend Helene Hartig.
I've seen  his growth as young guitarist, vocalist and songwriter at various Venues but I think Gizzi's Carries a Mood all its own.
Reminiscent of a Past in the West Village Songwriter/Singer Lore that is making a very Present Comeback.

Gizzi's Interior with a variety of  Paintings ranging from Portraits to Nudes

Danny was Accompanied by his delightful new Partner in Song - Rosy.
And they Set out to sing some Jazzy Standards.

As I recently worked over the very raw and unfiltered materials I recorded that night,
I was able to complete a improvisational snapsot of evening in Songs, Short Films and Photographs...

-and was inspired to create a  small but powerful Series of Acoustic Lanscape Animations (in the Style of My Metronome 1995 Animation Film among others.) here tamed to the Duet Vocals of the Heartfelt Renditions by Danny and Rosy.

Anyway enjoy this Raw Snapshot of this recent Spring Evening at Gizzi's New York  City's
Song and Arts Venue

Danny & Rosy at Gizzi's

It's A New Dawn-It's a New Day...

New Dawn Acoustic Lanscape II - Digital Painting
by Peter G Pereira 2012

Rosy's Vocals and Danny's Acoustic Guitar in Dynamic Visuals

New Day New Dawn with Rosy and Danny
Short Film with Acoustic Landscape Animation
by Peter G Pereira 2012

New Dawn Acoustic Lanscape III - Digital Painting (Still)
by Peter G Pereira 2012

Short Film Song Medley

Among Other Songs:

Hold On Baby
Rosy Scats
New Dawn
Honeysuckle Rose
Route 66

With a Picture of James Dean

Danny and Rosy - A Medley Short Film
by Peter G Pereira 2012

Danny's Proud Mom and my dear friend Helene Hartig

Danny's Proud Father Michael with Helene and Company

Hope to hear more of you Danny and Rosy.


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