On the Nature of Vivid Cubes and Inter-Dimensional Cz-Forms and the Illumination of Mathematics and Arts

Vivid Cube
 Inter-Dimensional Cz-Forms
by Peter G Pereira 2008-12

 Virtual Organic Cz- Manifolds Etching
by Peter G Pereira - 2008

The Study of  Inter-dimensional Manifolds gives me great opportunity to share with Mathematics and Topology the inter-penetrating disciplines of  Strict Analyses and the Playfulness of Art and Drawing.

I will continue to share Fruits of these investigative Dialogs among the various Fields culled  from my archives of Work from the over the past 8 or so years of Practice. 

First with Art...
then at Later Times with the Analyses...
Touching here and there,
Seeking Illumination on some Profound, Elegant and Complex Insights dual in both Nature and Imagination.




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