Part II with Film Excerpts - On Rafael Cortez at Logos Bookstore Yorkville NYC - A Pianist - Wanderings of the Mind and Spirit - Portraits by Peter G Pereira

Rafael came into Logos Bookstore last Wednesday
ready for the discussion of his new Book : A Pianist
I was the Paparazzi

"I remember you...?!"

I was relieved that he remembered.

It was about 7pm, a little drizzly and people started to gather.

                Rafael and the Lovely Mrs. Healy
                 Harris's (Logos Owner)  Mother. 

Portrait of Mrs. Healy

As the Guests gathered, I re-arranged some of the Mental Furniture, intermingling Paul Morin's recent (also a Pianist) paintings with the Covers of Rafael's Book Covers.

Finally Settling with Rafael at a simpler setting.

The Evening settled into a wonderful Dialogue and Discussion on his Life and Trials.

Born in Puerto Rico, Peabody Conservatory of Music of John Hopkins University, Fulbright Scholar in Germany, Chairman of the Turtle Bay Music school in New York...
losing the ability to play Piano after a merited career...
....Relearning retraining...
...his Conversion to Judaism...
coming out to family and friends...
his Loves and Hopes for the Future.

I have more complete diary of the evening coming up shortly in short film and thoughts taken from the evening on the multi-keyed and textured
canvas of 
A Pianist: Wanderings of  Mind and Spirit

Congratulations Rafael

Excerpts of Pianist Rafael Cortez from the evening
 with Pianist Paul Morin's Paintings in the Hanging Gardens


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