On Ancient and Recent Journeys - Perspectives on Becoming Artistic Director at Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew for the Episcopal Response to Aids

Church of St Luke & St Matthew, Brooklyn NY

The sun-drenched fascade of of St Luke & St Matthew Church in January greeted me on my way to the confirmation meeting.
Of the many details, I was struck by the large and colorful twelve about one-petaled  window. Details of which I will reveal a bit later on.

See if you can the author/artist.

I was reminded of the  famous Kepler's Conjecture as asking for proof in three dimensions of the maximum number of spheres that can be packed about one central sphere. 
Here we have in two-dimensional flat representation in three-dimensional space of twelve about one with special oblate spheres or petals. 

Hyperbolic Flowers - Pereira 2009

     Halle with the help of many who had tried before who had come before him including Issac Newton finally, came up with the ingenious proof a few years back. The answer is Twelve about One but proving it took a few Centuries.
Implications have been and are elegant and profound in our deeper understandings of aesthetics of Nature, Faiths, Sciences and the Arts.

That Journey is fascinating on its own and I welcome many to try it on for size and fun.

Here is a hint or two on my own journeys with Six about One.

Hexagonal Matrix - On Kepler's Conjecture
Pereira - 2008

Six about One

Dark Matter Quark Fields
Pereira - 2011

Twelve Spheres about One

Dark Matter Quark Fields 
Pereira - 2012

These are some thoughts that struck me at the Window on my way to this meeting. 
I am too often the curious and dumbstruck looking fellow standing in the middle of the street, wide-eyed, mouth agape as traffic swerves, screeches and honks about scribbling Pyrrhic notes in an imaginary notebook. 

Real Notebook


Back to the Church.


Can you Guess at the Author/Artist?
What a wonderful bejeweled series of surfaces and spaces. Light captured and transformed into many-valued expressions and narrations..absorbed with sidelong glances on the way to a meeting for which I don't want to be late.
Being easily dumbstruck by beauty it was proved a difficult assignment.

At the office I was greeted by a lovely Miss of the beaming Smile.

Lady of the Beaming Smile

She ushered me into the committee  room.

Wayne our Treasurer with the backdrop of that Great Light.

Behind me.

More Stained Glass Marvels

I wasgetting the feeling of something familiar.

Dear Dina. Friend and Sponsor and Angel.

Rector Michael

Truly marvelous to meet such a dedicated group of people. Selfish and good-humored.
We had worked on World Aid Day just a few before and this our chance to share life stories and hopes for the future. Dina and I found out we we share work we had done with the Momentum Aids group back in the nineties when I was in Soho.
We focused on the upcoming Aids March New York in May.

With warmth and enthusiasm I was sworn in as Artistic Director.

I was given a Tour of the Church and the restorations in play.

Are you getting closer to the Artist?
Here a few more Clues.

Clues from the Church.

Briefly let me detour to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a collection there in the newly renovated American Wing on my recent tour there.

Over Eager Leads to Blurry Snaps of the Ziggurat Staircase
"Sidelong Antiquity" to Quote from Keat's Ode to a Grecian Urn

The Moon was Full and not so Blurry

Interior of the MET

I began my Journey(s) to the American Wing with Egypt. 

From Egypt to America I travelled with a few more interesting detours.
Pictures bespeak the thousand Words.

Our Soul Friend

Stopped to Window Shop some Ancient Jewelry

Thought of New Soul Mate

Ancient Hair meets Ancient Hair
Both beautiful.
Time and Timing.

Left Egypt for Lands of the Buddha in China and India

Played a Board Game in China

Magical Memories and Incarnations

Near and Far East  Travels

My Maps with Dear Israel Intact

Mesopotamian Days

Writing Hunting Fishing and the Like

Greco-Roman Times

Beautiful Lands of Mohamed

Catching my Breath with a splendid view of where I am.
Nearing the American Wing.
Long Journeys Home.

Getting Closer

And Closer



El Greco





Rodin, The Impressionists, Van Gogh, Monet, Pissaro, Picasso, Mattise, Chagall...

The American Wing - Birds Eye View

And Finally...

Our Author/Artist from the Church...

I recognized the Stained Glass

MET Interior - American Wing

The Fine Glass Works

Int. Church

Ext. Church

Egyptian Eyes
From Egypt to America


Quite a Journey.

New Hopes's Dawn (Lovers) - Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"
Peter G Pereira 2000

New Hopes's Dawn (Lovers) -
Color Etching on Arche Paper/16" x 20"
Peter G Pereira 2011


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