Dot and Pointilism Series Conversations Part I ...Dot Magic, Dot Seurat, Dot Op Art, Dots Damien Hirst, Dot Optics, Dot Issac Newton...

It is interesting to note what might unite the visual dynamics of such different artist.
What are keys to the language of Points and Dots?
What is the Point?
What's Dot?

I couldn't Resist...

                    Seurat  - Bathers at Asniers 1884
                        Chicago Institute of Art
                                                                                                                     LSD Dot Painting by 
                                                                                                  Damien Hirst - Gagosian Galleries

Lets begin with two established Dots on canvas paintings to make a Point on the physical nature of color Dots and Points.

The distinction(s) between Points and Dots.

Points we would consider more of  as those purely mathematical entities which in Euclidean terms attend the ends of a straight line which can be drawn between any two such Points. Moreover, Points tend to be  zero dimensional with 0 radius elements distinguished by plus or minus. 

Literary or intellectual Points as in points of view or points of the story still hover in the rarified virtual diemensions of thought and ideas and would stay 0 dimensional and have 0 radius. 
When added to a sentence Points finish that sentence only to begin another sentence, ie a straight Line of words and spaces...or at the end of a vertical line for exclamation points !!!

When so physically expressed Points I would say enter enter the functional Domain of Dots.

A Dot suggests something more tangible at least a 2-dimensional surface in three dimensions or at least an are that a Point would like to inhabit if it wasn't so abstract. 

Dots cover an area of circle of special circle like a square. 

Dot x (i) or, Di would be a Point ie An imaginary Dot (Dot times the square root of  -1). 
Point x (n) would make it a Dot (Real)

But I Dot Digress to make a Point.

Cannot resist some Pun Points of Humor.

A little more background.

Below are the Real and Physical manifestations of Points.

Color Dot Convergence Graphic by Pereira - 2012

Colors in the form of light particle/waves or wavicles or photons combine and converge to form White Dot(s).

Colors in the form of pigment particles like paints combine and converge to form Black Dot(s).

Photons are massless. 

Paint Paticles are massive. 

Photon fields are transparent subjects defined by spin and their Frequency thzs or cycles per second.

Pigment fields is to varying degrees opaque meaning they absorb or reflect light rays.

As Einstein demonstrated massive or massless we are dots in the aggregate subjects of Gravity.

A transparent massive particle condensate collection such as acrylic or glass in the form of a Prism reveal that
photons have spin and  frequency thzs ( cycles per second) and decombine at  a refractive angle of some 43 degrees to reveal the magnificent rainbow of visible light whose properties were rediscovered by Issac Newton's work on Optics 1704 and Prisms. 

Convergent Positive and Negative Values by Pereira

Hard to believe his research met with such resistance by academics who found their Platonic meanderings  on the nature of things often derailed by a rigorous and experimental scientific Method initiated earlier by the Great Galileo.

Different Paint Pigments absorb different frequency(s) but the one revealed to our eyes. 
As in: 
All but the Red. 
 All but the Yellow depending. 
All but the Green...all but the Blue.

The Rare BlueRose by Pereira 2008

We see the full crescendo  of these effect as leaves of Autumn turn color(s) as different Phylls are ebbing from their veins as the sunlight ratios wane and winter darkness approaches from greens through the color spectrum and finally towards the dark brown.

Where is the Art of it so to speak?

You can see the virtual dance in the Dot Matrix Below.  Between the imaginary and the Real.
Close your eyes after focusing on the Dots below.

LSD Dot Painting by
Damien Hirst

In this particular Hirst painting where there are missing color dots the eye seems to fill them in.
Why does this phosphenic light show effect persist in the memory?
Divergent Values.

Seurat's The BATHERS

Convergent Values

Here the dots overlap and from a proper distance converge into an Impression. 
An impression of relative values...colored shadows, reflections, luminosities, textures, sheens, areas and volumes and shapes.
Convergent Shadow Dots by Pereira after Seurat

Divergent Color Dots by Pereira after Hirst

In the Masterful Observations of the Impressionist Schools and in particular those expressed by the rare likes of Seurat Black is indeed a combination of colors Dots which in relative terms are very Black at all but expressions of the values of complements. The Richness of  Blacks

Revealed by relative Sunlight

 ....never quite devolving in to Black but the rich variety of near Blacks in the violets and purples and indigos available to the Impressionist palette.

What does unite these artists across time and space?

The magical effects are correlations and manifestations to the fact that various colors have various frequencies (measured in temporal thz Hertz or cycles per second)
 and are of varying lengths (measured in nano-meters) hitting the retina with this staccato variety of short and long pulses and our Visual Brain processing these variations of the theme in real and staggered time.

Red is between 400thz and 480 thz
620 to 750 nano-meters

At Violet we are at 608thz and 780thz
380 to 450 nano-meters

We get speed of light values that quickly diverge for individual dots in complementary and tertiary proximity but remain fixed or convergent for the particular local color at hand. Throwing  Speedy Gonzalez lassos of colors from a fixed Wrangler's position. It is hard to Lasso or isolate a single color without it being affected by it neighbors.

Between these parameters or constraints lie the peaks and valleys of our visible world.
Until recently the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum was invisible. Without the help of instruments we were blind to the rest of Nature so to speak but we could imagine.

For all the instruments available enough remains of Nature quite puzzling. Imagination as Einstein remarked is  an essential ingredient in travelling forwards. 

The Art of It still being so very important and the Artist never more needing to be well informed and daring on this Road to Reality.

Projective 3-Dimensional Dot Spaces by Pereira 2011
Quark Plasmas in  See Field of  Ps and Qs

15 trillion cycles per second

...and Riverun


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