Happy New Years Cat's Dream, Quantum Entaglement, Parakeets, Animation/Music by Peter G Pereira

New Year Cat's Reverie
Quantum Entaglement
Art/Animation/Music by
Peter G Pereira 2011

The Cat in question is Peek-a Boo originally named Picasso. The Parakeets are collectively called the Hiccups as in a fictitious Musical Group - The Hiccups! from some forgotten Ed Sullivan Show.
" Lady's and Gentlemen. From the far off Amazonian Forests of  Brazil's Interior. They capture the sounds of Crazy Caged Birds everywhere who wish to be Free. Here are the Hiccups!"

There have been many Hiccups in the house sometimes in Trios and Quartets, the recent edition is a lovely pair and perhaps the most lyrical of the lot as you can hear for yourself. Impeccable phrasings. Intoxicating to their friend Peek who is often lured into sleep and dream by their exotic songs.
Here he's captured on his favorite spot on the Red Couch deep in Sleep. The film is a record of his Travels as the New Year approaches.

Peeks life began in Harlem when I have my Art Studio there some years back. He was brought to me in the month after 9/11 but a shell of cat by my assistant Bear. He was the runt of some litter and had lived a fate reserved one would have thought for the nightmarish mind of a Sadist. He had been kept in a little cage since birth stacked between other cages with PitBulls used in fighting. He had been used with the young Pits as practice bait left alive as long as he could outrun them. He was brought to me weighing a pound or two. Broken tail, bloody little nose, drenched and caked in urine and feces. The rest is not worth describing. Imagine a piece of chewing gum discarded on a busy New York Street for a few weeks.
Anyway, knowing Peek and trying to catch him you know that his saving  grave was an uncanny ability to run-dodge and hide.
Vanish into thin air.
Quantum Entangling with the Invisible world he survived popping in and out at will as you will see.
It took seven years for him to be able to be held.
He is now healthy, surrounded by other cat friends, birds and fish and loving Humans. Still very shy he disappears still from time to time. I am grateful that he considers me his friend and father and that he lets me catch him at rest.
This Film is a tribute to Little Peek and his peculiar Gifts

And to Those of Us Who catch them as They Fall
And to those who Catch Us


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