On TV Remotes, Pedometer, Geometry, Pick-4 Numbers and Infinities

The Artist with Instruments 10/2011

     I banned to use of the TV Remote in my apartment.
     No one cared.
     No one really cared but me that is.
     Male  fixation with the TV Remote has been often been cited as a masturbatory substitution metaphor for the male sexual organ. A techno-absolute power sculpture Priapic prosthetic twinster of  Phallus complete with its near-sighted laser beaming cyclopean eye and febrile ejaculatory persistence flicker mode by measure of hybrid  contingents of pseudo-Freudian/Pavlovian/Skinnerian/Deconstructionist/Behaviorlists ists/ists themselves addicted to their metaphor's metaphors.
     I just thought of it as an abridged  Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Remote is a Remote Gertrude Steinian sort of way.
    You can tell I'm still in Remote withdrawals.
   In any case the remote as viewing enabler in world dominated by infinite numbers of  parallel possible channel worlds had made of me lazier and prone to too many virtaul discussions and arguments on too many sybjects and in too many languages and countries.You come to the conclusion that there's a rotten problem in your Denmark when you flick or flicker without even watching what you've flicked or flickered to or where you been flicking or flickering from. Actually others come to that fit to be tied rationale far sooner than you do but at one point enough is enough. The batteries are dead and you forgot your source code. So you quit the remote.

     Enter my new found friend the Pedometer now that I have to walk to change channels. 

I Quit Remoting So Can You.
12 Not so Easy Steps

     The Pedometer reads out the steps you take and initially, after giving up remoting you are sticker read-out shocked and dismayed by the number of steps you take on average to change channels. 
     Perversely, you wish that something like the remote had been invented before. Of course it has been and hence the mootness of the point.
     The pedometer should read about 10,000 steps. This picture was taken about noon and read 2899, also a good number for the nite's Pick-4 lottery. I call it the Pedometer plus. So I'm on my way.

     The cane is kind of cheating but if you are close to the TV. The cane or stick and some in the remote abstinant community called in is very handy in the beginning days and weeks of remote abstinance and can abstractly count as a half-step if and I stress if you have the fancy new dumbell in the other hand. I choose the Cobalt Blue 5 pounder with heaxagonal bells. I don't do much with it but at least the thought has weight.
Artist with Blue Dumbell and Cane (Luddites)Channel Changer

                                             Artist demonstrates Chirality - Right-Handed Infinities

                                                  Artist demonstrates the Broken Mirror Symmetry
                                                    of Zig-Zag (Right-Left) Chirality

     Many more thing to do now that the Remote is becoming a remote pun in the either or ether of the daily creative routine. More time for family, friends and artwork like the geometry in the first picture destined for a large painting down the road.
                                                          Hexagon Inscribed In Circle Cs0A

Just for the fun of it the circle with radius=1 is realized through 2piR, its Area piR2.
The equilateral triangle abc has for perimeter 3R (ie 3x1) and its area measure of Base=R=1 x perpendicular height/2 with height for equilateral=square root of 3.
 6 x this triangle configures our desired inscribed Hexagon with sides=R and with an area 82.70% of Circle Area.
So much more to describe. An elegant drawing all without the Remote


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