Halloween, Tricks or Treats, Parades, Costumes and Exotic Souls

Halloween Parade Cast
Exotic Souls - Pen/Ink - Pereira 2009

     What a creative expression is wrestled from the hearts and minds of all people young and old on Halloween. Everybody contributes to overall canvas of humor, self-mocking and festivity. Feeling good about it - damn the rest! For one hallowed night at least the creative spirit possesses us all!

Twins of Fright and Delight/Pen/Ink
Pereira - 2008

And a little make-up  will do. A look in the mirror and you might frighten yourself.

Vampyre Diary/Blog Echo
Pen/Ink - Pereira 2008

     The more goulish the better it seems on balance the unbalanced takes a swing. Punch drunk fun again.
     And as day turns into night the weirdest of things come out to play from the strangest of places.

 The Family that Plays                    Together                                                                 Tricks or Treats
Pen/Ink Etchings  Pereira 2008   

      Henry Chihuahua - Mixed-Media/Pereira 2010

Even my Little Henry get into the act. Where's his Costume?

The Fitting - Mixed-Media/ Pereira 2010

Henry and Mother tried many costumes over the years. But his favorite remained the Chicken despite many attempts to entice him with others.

Chicken Henry and Mother Kay
Mixed-Media/ Pereira 2011

     One can see why the Chicken outfit wins chicken hands down.
     Anyway you slice Halloween brings the art out of all of us. Art being the necessary evil in all our lives. Distinguished from other evils in that you can take off the costume and laugh about it. True evil laughs only to mock and never takes off the costume.
      For myself, I am going to sit by the window and watch the wonderful parade pass by and wave my broken meat-grinder mangled, blood spurting hand at the fanciful crowds.
      I don't need the make up to look a fright. I just grin and bear it.

Artist Self-Portrait/MixedMedia


sweetmariep said…
The chicken outfit wins!! I love that one too!!
sweetmariep said…
LOVE the self portrait...love them all actually.

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