Breast Cancer Awareness Month...Pink

Painting Sculpture -2011
Trees of Life Series
Artist and Work

Paradox Box Show - 1991
Artist on Canvas with Pink Sculpture Performers

Pink stretches the fabric to the limits without snapping our collective imaginations with a sudden shock. There is something smooth in Pink - alarming without causing distress. Pink is warm and not too Hot - Cool without being indifferent and Cold. Pink is a magic tint of Lipstick Red and Zinc White.
Pink for: Bubble-Gum and Umbrellas, Dawns and Dusks, Namesakes of Special Drinks and Affections, Fragrances & Fabrics, Flamingos and Hearts... Symbols and Causes of  that require Unity and Compassion  for marathon fields as diverse as Aids and Breast Cancer Awareness...Pink never fades over time is ever fresh and appealing to the eyes of children and adults alike. Pink yields smiles and empathy from even the most jaded of  faces. Pink laughs but never mocks. Pink is Transcendent without ever being too remote. Pink is in the moment Fragrant & Wow.

Peter's Pink Meditations.

Pink on Pink
Figment Art Festival -  Governor's Island
Trees of Life Series - 2011


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