Isaac Mizrahi Opening at the Jewish Museum Mirth and Magic

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Mizrahi Meaningfulness

Masterful and fun configurations of bold colors, materials, fabric, line and scale that never forget the subject of their interconnections: real people.

Curated by  gifted director Claudia Gould (who was  dressed in a bold cut Vermilion Original Mizrahi) she artfully distilled the essense of Isaac's kaleidoscopic ouevre  in unifying rhythms, pacing, depth and lightness of touch that made the experience as joyful as Issac himself.

 I toured the rooms severals times and several times came out with something new and fresh. 

His skilled drawings and studies through to the finished artwork and into the fashion born and worn were of particular interest to me as process and evidence of a contemporary who was an original thinker doodler and master of line, color and scale. 

He had absorbed many masters and yet found his unique voice and direction as an artist who has clearly loved and loves his time and the individual beauty of his varied subjects from the inside out and the outside in.

Everyone counts!

Thank you Isaac, Claudia and Michael for a very special evening!

A Special thanks to Michael


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