At the OUR TOWNS OTTY Awards at Mt. Sinai with Harris Healy and Logos Bookstore, Cardinal Dolan and the many the many wonderful OTTY recipents...

We share a vision of community 

At Logos Bookstore with Harris Healy and many Friends we created a space as much spiritual as physical that made all sorts of flights of imagination quite tangible, touchable and magical at once for authors, painters, musicians, poets, readers and neighbors of all faiths, colors and creeds to feel right at home.

This was a wonderful recognition of Harris and Yorkville Logos Bookstore and Gallery.

Congratulations to all OTTY recipients.
 Each of you brought something essential to the Local pictures and places of the community that make the greater whole of New York...Universal

What a great evening with friends old and new!

Special thanks to Jeanne Straus and Kyle Pope and all Those who helped put this masterpiece together!

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PHOTO Narrative

My Short Film


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