A Divine Shirley Bassey Unleashes her Goldfinger at the Oscars with Thoughts Dancing of Wild Goliath Goldfish in Lake Tahoe

A Fun Night at the Oscars on Sunday Night.
One of my Favorite Spots in an Evening Crowded with Musical, Acting and Film Talent of First Order

My  Digital Painting and Short Film Reflections

The Incomparable Songstress and  Beauty of Dame Bassey 
Amid Thoughts of Goliath Goldfish

Watch "Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger (50 Years Of Bond)" on YouTube

Blue-It Shirley and Goliath at the Oscars
Digital Painting - Pereira 2013

Goliath Lake Tahoe Goldfish, Shirley at the Academy Awards 
Digital Painting - Pereira 2013

A Taste of  Shirley Bassey - The Finally 2013

Goliath the Goldfish Dances Laps in Jubilation
for Dame Bassey's Soaring Vocals on Goldfinger
 and the many Relatives
he has Discovered in Lake Tahoe's
Pristine Waters


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