Part I - On the Nature of Artist RADA, Magical Silent Minutes, People and Mannequins, The White Rabbit and Mirror Symmetry

Photographs by RADA (self-portrait)
'People and Mannequins" and Performance Solo Show 
 Bulgarian Embassy NYC - 4/2012

The Quiet Minute Room

I was exited by this Silent Minute meeting in the center of the Large Empty Room,
...empty except for a pretty shawl-ed figure with her back to me sitting on a chair at a small table
 facing an Empty Chair... 
Admonished not to speak to the Curious Figure and only Stay a Minute...
I had the non-sense of The Timely Rabbit meeting Alice...a Mannequin Alice...
very pretty but frozen...
After studying the antique paneled  room,
 I studied you and noticed the book with open pages with scribbles and a pen
 and thought to try and communicate with you,
 as if from one world to another...
In a language I thought that might be universally understood to both of us...
so I drew a Position Circle 
which I divided top and bottom hemisphere with a diametrical  line,
and at Bottom Drew L for Left and R for Right,
for my position in Time and Space,
and at the Top, in front of you,
Drew R and L for your position in Space and Time,
That Drew your Pretty Smile and the Buzzer Buzzed!- " Minute is Up!! Time To GO! "
...I thought it very much awkward fun...On the Nature of People and Mannequins.

Quite the Minute

Peter G Pereira

              Quiet Room Scribble Book Drawing 
                                    by Peter G Pereira

The Position Circle in the Quiet Room with RADA
Pereira after RADA

Minute is Up!! Time To GO! Chair Slide
Pereira after RADA


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