Logos Bookstore and Gallery Yorkville, Art Opening of a New Friend - Composer and Painter Paul Morin - Selections and Friends

Paul Morin
 New Album and Painting Show
Logos Bookstore & Gallery Feb 2012

Portrait of the Piainist, Composer and Painter
my new friend Paul Morin

Selection of Paintings by Paul Morin

Opening Night

Harris Healy Owner of Logos Bookstore
& Gallery

A Festive Night with Good Music, Good Art and Good Folk

Logos at York 83rd and 84th Street 
New York - Peter G Pereira

Selections of Paul Morin's Musical Field Paintings
Acrylic on Canvas circa 2008-2011

Hanging Gardens


Interior II

Details of Paul's Paintings

Some of our Friends and Guests

Portrait of Lori by Peter G Pereira

Harris and Lori - Friends  Reunion
Peter G Pereira

Sweet Naomi
Peter G Pereira

Nick and Profile of Naomi
Peter G Pereira

Paul's Wife
Paul on The Music and Paintings
Peter G Pereira

Congratulations Paul
And all the best on your Journeys


Higgs  Bosons - Brief Version 2012
Animation/Art by Peter G Pereira and Music/Piano by Paul Morin


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