Video on de Kooning, Occupy Wall Street and the Art of Expressionism

                                          Circles on Today's News - Mixed-Media on Wood
                                          Peter G Pereira 10/2011
     Abstract Expressionism is abstract by its relation of surface over subject and manipulations materials (often non-complementary materials) over surface scaled to burst beyond the generally small confines of the typical sittting room. Instead of brush enter the knife, stick end gravity's drips. Oil, watercolor, tempera, solvents, glue enamels co-existing in a tenuous alchemy emulsified on the same canvas. Paper, sand, semen, glass and wood and others embed new textures and distort old tensions and impress new dynamics arising from their own accords not nescessary linked to a particular subject - ever in the moment. The materials become the narrative - the 'event'.
     De Kooning choose to stay with subject more than other Ashcan confreres and closer to his oils which he compared to the "flesh" in a tube.
     The Expressionism in Zuccoti Park in lower Manhattan and as of today spread worldwide is using similar resourcefulness and like a Muir Net are tied to many subjects fundemental to the unique pursuit of happiness...acess to food, shelter, work...fairness...the short supply.  The complex canvas is human and discontent is the weapon of choice: Occuping Spacetime. Message id is Medium.The colorful materials are raw emotions with many points of view.  The general sense of futility to arbitrate frustrations using traditional brush and mediums has come to surface...ever the event of moment...echoing refrains 99% that they not become prisoners of 1% someone's elses misleeds and misdeeds.  Free thought cannot be  owned or marginalize, loaned or foreclosed upon.
     The past cast no shadow on the present and the present offers yet no perspective on the future so for now: Occupy Spacetime.
     What is a de Kooning translates now into What is Occupy?
     In the 'flesh'.

Exotic Circles Ripped from Today's News
Mixed-Media Peter G Pereira 10/15/2011

Video Diary by Peter G Pereira 10/15/2011

Compassion's Compass

Whether weather, 
'gainst the grain
Be ing or not be ing
Honey to the dissipate thoughts
abuzz ing
Honeycomb matrices
full now empty
empty now filled
Be ism or not to be ism
Weather whether.

Peter's Hamlet 2011


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